AAA American CPA manages all clients professionally. The company serves as a consulting firm and our team of experts is excellent in diagnosing and fixing any accounting, tax, and business-related problems

It was my first time to register company, and I had a lot of problems. Mr. Li is very patient and answered all my questions. He was also very efficient and helped me register company in two weeks. He was a great accountant. I am looking forward to working with him in future. 

I had to register a company in United States. Though I have been worked in international business, I had no idea how to register company in the US. The reasons that I choose to work with Mr. Li was that firstly, he replied my message in time; secondly, he answered all my questions about taxation, rental and phone issues; thirdly, reasonable price. Mr. Li was not like the other companies who would charge high fee. It was not easy to find a knowledgable and reliable accountant, and  I trusted Mr. Li.

Mr. Li was very professional and efficient. There were some problems with my tax. My previous CPA was not professional and therefore missed the best time to solve the problem. Finally I found Mr. Li and he gave me professional advise via phone and helped me solve the problem right away. I appreciated Mr. Li's professionalism and he was very reliable. I highly recommend Mr. Li. -Owen